investment in pakistan
The CNG sector in Pakistan has attracted record investment of $ 250 million in short span and it is expected that this figure would grow further with the passage of time. The Government is following a policy of promoting CNG as an alternative fuel offering number of incentives for encouraging the use of CNG in the country. Government is extending all-out help and cooperation to the prospective investors to boost the CNG industry. CNG use now exceeds one million vehicles, converting at the rate of 150,000 vehicles per year, and 1100 CNG filling stations in Pakistan, making it number one in CNG Industry in Asia and third in the world.

The Government is preparing its homework for converting diesel vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and hopefully a decision will be made shortly. This will further boost up CNG investments in the country.

The Government is taking major steps to promote CNG by exempting from all taxes and duties for CNG refueling and conversion equipment
  • Relaxed License policy for CNG retailing
  • Natural Gas Connections to CNG stations are given first priority
  • import duty and sales tax on import of machinery and equipment, CNG kits and cylinders is exempted/ reduces
  • Market price for CNG is de regulated
  • Natural gas tariff for CNG linked to petrol